Quick 5 with Louise from Naked CPH

Wassup Wassup Wassup *queen bee voice* and welcome to this item called ‘Quick 5’. Where I’ll be doing short interviews with people who I just find incredibly cool.

Meet Louise aka Loisandme aka miss perfect flatlay aka interior goals aka Naked CPH’s art director. Louise and me have a few things in common. Our love for sneakers of course, but also our obsession for Neon Lights, pink and interior design. And I wanted to ask this fellow Girl on Kicks 5 quick questions.


Can you tell me something about yourself?

My name is Louise and i’m a graphic designer and I love sneakers. I started collecting sneakers 20 years ago! Last year I found my dream job at my favorite sneakers store Nakedcph.com in Copenhagen and now I work with sneakers everyday! I do the styling of  a lot of the pictures at our instagram @nakedcph and I’m art director on every shoot we do when we have a collab. Other than that I have a really color coordinated blog called Loisandme.com, and everyday i post things that I love at my instagram @loisandme.

What/Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

The world! Always look up. And then of course the World Wide Web!

Top 5 sneakers you own

  1. Nike Air Max Ultra ‘TN’ Plum Fog (My favorite pair at the moment)
  2. Nike Air Max 1 ‘Liquid Gold’ (Just because i love everything golden and shiny)
  3. Nike Kronk Lunar Chukkas Woven FIFA ‘South Africa’ ( it took me 4 years to find it in my size on eBay!)
  4. Stussy x Nike Air Max 95 (The black one!)
  5. Naked x Asics Gel Lyt V ‘Hafnia’ (We made a fantastic limited krate with my handwritten logo on the top of the box) and of course the Naked x Reebok Ventilator ‘Splash’ (This was our fist collab, and i made the splash print for the shoe)

Top 5 sneakers you’re still hunting for

  1. Nike Air Max 1 ‘Liquid Silver’ (Just because!)
  2. Nike Air Foolscape Woven Chukka PRM Leopard (All things in leo, is amazing)
  3. Wood Wood x Adidas Contortion Ultra Boost Black (The Boost is just amazing)
  4. Wood Wood x Adidas Adicolor Lo P 1 ‘Pink Series’ (From 2006)
  5. Supreme x Nike Air Max 98

Tips for a superclean Insta feed?

Color coordination! Everything else you just put on your snapchat!

some of her favorite Copenhagen spots! 

-Favorite place (Breakfast, lunch, dinner or party place) Dyrehaven | Sønder Boulevard 72, København www.dyrehavenkbh.dk/

-Best Sneakersshop for Girls | Naked Pilestræde 46 and Klosterstræde 10, Copenhagen www.nakedcph.com

-Best event this week Girls Are Awesome | My favorite magazine Bitchslap are launching this new site called  Girls Are Awesome – it is a global platform for creative expression, portraying women of all ages, sizes and industries who live their lives with style and strength. Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/246711482371184

Best brunch | Wullf & Konstali Lergravsvej 57, 2300 København S www.wogk.dk/

Best steak | Retour Steak http://retoursteak.dk

Best shopping | Streetmachine Palace, Polar, Patta <3 http://www.streetmachine.com/

Best shopping | Areastore If you ever need a Golden Pineapple www.areastore.dk



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