Hello. My name is Sanne Poeze and I’m a serious sneaker head.

Now that we’ve got that confession out of the way, let me introduce you to my blog – Girl on Kicks.

My love for kicks started when I was around 16 years old, fueled by a friend who was always on the lookout for new sneaker releases. It started out with the Nike Dunk’s, Nike SB’s and Nike Court Force. The first ‘exclusive’ pair that got me really excited, was the Nike Air Max 1 beastpack. I bought this infinite classic when I was 17. The rest is history..

During and after my studies in graphic design, I gained retail and sneaker experience at the Nike store in Amsterdam and continued working in fashion. A few years – and loads of sneakers – later, I needed something to trigger my creativity again.

I was already following a few fashion blogs and decided to start one myself. A personal style blog, with sneakers as its main focus. A blog where I could show what’s inside my ever-expanding sneaker closet, which new releases excite me and why. And last but not least, give inspiration on how to style your outfits with sneakers in a feminine way. So ‘Girl on Kicks’ became my little project. A project that quickly grew into a serious business.

Girl on Kicks is no longer only about showing my outfits and inspiration posts, I also frequently work together with other creatives and brands. Photographers, iIllustrators, visual artists, designers and other kindred spirits are a huge inspiration and offer an added value to Girl on Kicks. Over the years I’ve gained experience in shooting (and styling) editorials and I’m also available for sneaker/streetwear consulting and social media strategy advice. Since I’m always open to new ideas, concepts and collaborations, please hit me up with interesting offers or inquiries.