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I know these photos are not actual full outfit/sneaker photos but I thought this post would be a good excuse to give you guys a quick personal update about whats been going on in my life lately! 

No drama; nothing but positive things and good vibes! Lets start by telling you that I started working with a management since a couple of months now which is something that I wanted for quite some time already but I somehow couldn’t find the right person for it a.k.a someone who knows who I am/what I do and (more importantly) don’t want/what I can and want to do with ‘Girl on Kicks’. But I’m very happy to be able to work with someone in order to make ‘Girl on Kicks’ grow even more! #worlddomination

Also; My very first (very amazing) intern Dana finished her photography internship at ‘Girl on Kicks’ last month. And I now have a new intern who will be taking care of most of the content! Her name is Celise and you will probably see her passing by on the blog/social media more often from now on. She also took the photos in this post and I’m super happy with her work so far!

Some more very exciting news; I got the keys to a brand new ‘Girl on Kicks’ office this week. A very light and chill space in a monumental canal building right in the middle of the Amsterdam city centre. I’m sharing the office with mega babes Celeste & Lily and theres space for 1 or 2 more creatives. I’m very excited to make this little office ours & start decorating it! So maybe I’ll even do a office tour post on this space once it’s done. (random fact; I’m a sucker for interior design so you already know that I have my moodboard/pinterest folder and all ready)

So far for this personal update for now! Hope you like the more personal stories on the blog as I don’t do this that often. About the photos; Of course I had to shoot some yellow on yellow and pink with this upside down Mc Donalds sign at the Werkwarenhuis in Den Bosch.

Wearing – Weekday longsleeve, Jewelery; Club Manhattan, H&M

Photos by Celise Bakker

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