Future Sneakerheads

They already have a better sneakergame than their parents, Build their own ‘sneakerwalls’ in their room, Have ‘air max’ as their favorite word and pick out the sneakers their parents have to wear. Meet; the future Sneakerheads

These are the kids of sneakerheads & they’re the cutest thing ever! I came up with this idea some time ago and decided to bring it to life and team up with Juliane Falk to create this portrait series of 6 kids of sneakerheads aka the Future Sneakerheads. Scroll down to meet these amazing kids read all about their little sneakerhabits!

Nori is 1 year and 9 months old. Both his mom and dad are major sneakerheads. They wish the Jordan 1 Bred, Lijfstijl x New Balance  577 (kakkerlak) existed in kids sizes. The first signs of this kid becoming a sneakerhead himself must be that ‘Eh mes’ (aka air max) is his favorite word­. He does a dress up party every day in which he will grab a pair of his parents sneakers, a supreme cap, a fanny pack and then his own coat and pretends hes going outside.

Mom – Meryem

Olivia is 5 years old (She would say 5,5 though) and is a real girly girl. She loves to wear sneakers but prefers them to be pink. Shes ok with wearing sneakers as long as her parents switch it up every now and then #agirlneedsoptions. One pair she really doesn’t like to wear is the air max 90. She says they’re boys shoes; so theres always a ‘elsa’ (frozen) backup pair.

Dad – Roberto

Seraphina is almost 4. And when your mom is one of THE big dutch collectors you already know this girl has some HEAT. She dresses herself now so she prefers things with velcro like her PUMA’s cause her Jordans are way too hard to get on. She often recreates her moms ‘sneakerwall’ in her room with her baby jordan boxes to show her mom that she has “lots of Pattas” to. She doens’t get why her mom saves all her old jordans and why she already has pairs in her closet that she doesn’t fit yet, but she will thank her later.

Mom – Nina

Jaden turns 1 this month. He started off his little sneaker carreer great as the first pair of sneakers his mom got him were Jordan 11 retros. His favorite book is the ‘ABC for G’s’ so his sneaker knowledge will be so on point when he grows up. He loves to go twinning with his mom and even though he does not walk yet his sneakergame is already better than his moms.

Mom – Esther

Chezzie is 3 years old and loves Jordans. When he started talking his first sneaker related word was ‘Patta’ as his dad wears a lot of Patta items. He wants to be a basketball player when he grows up, just like his dad. Whenever he sees a pair of jordans he always says; ‘I have to wear these for my game’.. but really doesn’t have gamedays yet. 

Dad – Tim

Yung blue eyes Novèll aka Noof is two years old. His dad wishes that the CDG x Converse 70’s excisted in small sizes.. cough..Hint to converse.. cough… Noof is already a little sneakeraddict as he runs to his parents closet to pick out the sneakers they have to wear and is proudly saying ‘sjoene’.

Dad – Souf

Photography by Juliane Falk | Art direction + Styling by Me | special thanks to Dana Stoc & Isa Ijpelaar

Clothing by Stussy, JPH Amsterdam, Scotch & Soda kids 

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