All Grown Up

Let’s go back to 3 years ago. When I just started blogging and had quite a few less pairs of sneakers than I have now. Still blogging on a standard wordpress site. Being this insecure girl who was still finding her way around with blogging and just life in general, haha!

Fast forward to 2 years ago when I launched my new website with a bangin’ launch party. Which for me meant that was not just a little side project and that it definitely had potential to grow into something bigger than I could ever hope for.

Now let’s go back to 6 months ago when I quit my job to put more time and effort into the blog and to work freelance as a Social media & PR manager. Which was seriously one of the toughest decisions I ever made! But also one of the best decisions I ever made, because it made me SO much happier. From that moment on everything went on the fast track.. travels/collaborations/editorials/events and so on.

So here we are TODAY: My brand new site went online! It’s safe to say that both me and the blog are all grown up now. So I think it was time for a grown up version of my website. A new lay-out feat. a much better navigation bar, a cleaner look, a few new categories and loads of new ideas I can bring to life on this space.

But I didn’t do all this on my own. Thank god for this super creative and mad skilled group of friends around me who are always willing to help me out. (Trust me; I can be a real pain in the ass). A special shout out goes out to Chris from Woodpack for working his magic on my website and to Thor for working his magic on both the GIF’s of my ‘offline’ site (it was a flickering neon-sign Girl on Kicks Logo in case you didn’t see it.. serious lifegoals achieved) and the new header GIF ft. some new colorways of the logo! Also to Marieke for helping me write the new Bio and to my mister for being as supportive as he is.

Now go explore this new website & don’t forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter.




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  • You can be proud of you! Brave and autonomous, we should learn from people like you more often.

    Take care,


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