Concrete #1

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Photos by Chris Wormhoudt

Maaaaajor change of scenery for todays outfitpost. Chris, the guy who made my website and also does great photography as you can see (yup! I have some talented friends!), saw this location a few weeks ago and I was head over heels in love with it! For your info; It’s an empty parking garage. And it’s kinda creepy, but I love it! The small rays of light works so well and my neon yellow Puma discs and the concrete look so good together. We’re def gonna shoot together more often! So heres to the first of a new series: ‘Concrete’

Soon it’s gonna be too cold to wear this trench.. So I’m wearing the shit out it while I still can!

kicks: Puma Disc Blaze ‘mesh pack’ | jeans: H&M | trenchcoat: H&M | tee: H&M (omg.. all H&M items.. boooring!)

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