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With the new website comes new content, I promised you guys that!

One of those things your gonna see on Girl on Kicks is “Talk sneakers with me”. A monthly item where I’m talk sneakers with a sneakerlover over breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee! Sneakers & Food, my favorite things in life! I’m asking this person everything about his or her sneakerhabits, in de meantime Amanda is shooting awesome pics!

And I’m kicking this new thing off with Debbie having breakfast at one of her favorite places in Amsterdam-Noord; Pllek

Meet: Debbie Nuchelmans | Amsterdam | Fashionblogger | ± 70 pairs | size: eu 38 (still in denial, so buys size 40) |

Where/When did this all started? As a little girl I didn’t want to wear girls shoes. So I guess i’m a born sneakerlover! I remember attending a wedding of my uncle & aunt and my mom and I were arguing about what I was gonna wear. In the end we found a solution in me wearing a dress BUT with bright orange all stars. Then, when I was about 8 years old I wanted the same Nike air max kicks as my brothers friend, who was in his ‘gabber’-fase (Hardcore dance scene). As a kid I was already very conscious of the fact that you can distinguish yourself from the rest by the way you dress.

Why Sneakers? Nowadays sneakers stand for my style in general. Sneakers give your outfit a certain nonchalance. My style is kinda laidback and minimal. A lot of black, grey and white (monochrome) with a feminine touch + my signature super winged eyeliner. I also like to look for some contrasts in my outfits. for example I like to wear a very feminine top with my baggy jeans.


Who is your styleicon/Who inspires you? I follow bloggers like Andy Heart, After dark, Elin kling, Caroline Blomst & Angelica Blick. And I really like the 5-piece french wardrobe thing, but with sneakers of course. I do own alot of heels, boots & sandals though. I’m just an allround shoe-lover.

Back in the days VS. Nowadays? When I Compare the quality of the sneakers from years ago to the ones I recently got. I have to say I see a big difference. for example my old air max 1’s don’t have glue stains or double stitching. Plus the leather nowadays feels like cardboard most of the time. I get the feeling that the sizing changed as well. My normal shoesize is a 38 but currently I wear a 40,5 from the nike air max 1’s sometimes! Thats weird right?



How important is the history of sneakers to you? I realy like to read the stories behind a pair of sneakers but it’s not decisive for me buying a shoe. I simply buy what I like. What I also find really interesting are the new technologies & developments in running shoes & basketball shoes!

Female Sneakerculture? I see a lot of ‘new born’ sneakergirls popping up! But I think these girls are more the hype following kinda sneakergirls. Rocking roshes cause everybody does, wearing Huaraches while they can’t even pronounce the word. Girls dressing up really sexy but with sneakers, I often ask myself; who they are dressing for? themselfs or the boys? I rather wear sneakers WITH the boys, than FOR the boys.


sanne7 sanne6

Brands? Nike is my alltime favorite but Adidas is making a big comeback. I’m a big fan of the classic Stan Smiths & Superstars Have you seen the superstars they just released? all white with a gunmetal nose or a copper nose! to die for! And I have to say Puma is stepping their game up as well!

What else is on your wishlist? White, white, white kicks. And I really wanted the flyknit air max. But I just got them, so on to the next one!

Fun Fact: My grandma always joked about my big sneakers calling them ‘turkse trappers’. (I don’t know the english translation for this, sorry non dutchies). And I used to wear those skate sneakers (3 sizes up) with a extra sock under the tongue, haha! My friends did not get my whole sneakerthing, I grew up in a little town in Friesland (northern part of Holland)

Debbie’s Fav’s

City Copenhagen | Rome

Lunch Pllek | We do food (cph)

Dinner Loetje aan het ij | Mother (cph)

Shops Weekday | Acne | COS

Sneakershopping Sneakerdistrict (Amsterdam) | Prime (Utrecht) | &

Guilty Pleasure Limp bizkit & Ramstein are my workout tunes | buying ugly socks (but always wearing plain black ones)

Series Dexter (bigtime, I watched every episode atleast 5 times, not kidding!)

Sunday Not the lazy sunday type of person. So I like to go for a run in the morning or bike around the city with my love!





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