‘Sneakerness Paris’ with Lomography

I hope you still remember me going to Paris for Sneakerness, haha. It’s been over 3 weeks ago. And 3 busy weeks that were…

I’m so sorry I kept you waiting this long. But the pictures just came in last friday. That’s one of the things we’re not used to anymore nowadays, haha! waiting for your pictures to come in! Next time the pictures will be in quicker! I promise!

Shooting pictures with a Lomography camera is something different, I can tell you that. And I also have to admit that in the beginning I was looking at the ‘screen’ after taking a picture, haha! I felt so stupid. But that’s what you’re used to nowadays. I was kinda nervous about how the pictures would turn out. Especially since it was taking so long. At one point I thought; Sh*t, what if I did something wrong and all pictures failed! But in the end, I’m happy with the result, and yes some of them failed, so if you don’t see your pic in this post, it was probably too dark, or too blurry. But feel free to contact me to ask for your sneaker picture! Or else, make sure you visit Sneakerness Amsterdam for a second chance!

This little roadtrip to Paris was epic (although it was way too short). We left on friday afternoon, a little later than planned because the car wasn’t working. Arriving in Paris superlate, supertired and superhungry. Our super cute Parisian apartment was located at the 6th floor, and no there was no elevator! So some good food and a glass of wine were much needed after we arrived at our home for the weekend. I woke up way too early and way too excited on saturday morning. Jumping into my sweats and getting us breakfast from the boulangerie on the corner of the street. Croissant, Pain au Chocolat et un Baguette.. God, I love france! (for the record; food makes me just as happy as sneakers, haha)

Ok back to Sneakerness;

First of all, the location! So pretty, Very light and spacious. The vibe was so good! Dope music, nice people and a lot of heat and by that I mean a whole lot! Holy grail kinda heat. I met a lot of really nice people. Some of them contacted me before hand, So I told them to look out for a very tall very blonde girl with a analogue camera, Haha! Thank you guys for the good talks and laughs. And most of all; thank you Francky and Sneakerness for having me! On sunday we did a little turbo sightseeing because we had to head back to Amsterdam mid afternoon.

I can’t wait for the next edition, cause hey, Paris is always a good idea! Especially when sneakers are involved. And good food of course..like that Nutella tiramisu we had at ‘chez Prosper’ on Saturdaynight.

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