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As you all know; Today is Valentines day. And with the amount of awesome couples I have around me I came up with the idea to shoot a Valentines special highlighting some of my favorite couples by shooting/interviewing them in their natural habitat.

These 3 couples are all very different in style but have one thing in common; they all love sneakers. So I teamed up with photographer Angela Tellier to shoot this little valentines special. View these 3 sneaker love stories below!

Saskia & Dian 

How long are you guys together?

Saskia: We finally made it official on December 3rd 2010. I never had to date someone for so long before we decided we were in a relationship, haha!

What did you eat on our first date?

Saskia: It was at a super cute Italian restaurant. We shared some antipasti and I had gnocchi in sage butter and a whole lotta red wine!

Dian: I had lobster ravioli, it was the day special. Sounds good, but it wasn’t.

Saskia: I knew you were eyeballing my gnocchi! Such a fun night.

What is his/her favorite sneaker?

Saskia: that would be the Chuck 70’s Hi!

Dian: Vans Vault Sk8-hi.

Merel & Michiel 

How long are you guys together? 

Michiel: 3 years!

What is your theme song? 

Michiel: ‘Gloria Ann Taylor- Love is a hurting thing’ although it’s quite the opposite in our case! Why? This song has everything, Just like we do! #corny

What is your favorite sunday activity?

Merel: Our favorite sunday activity is strolling through the dunes on Texel (island in Holland red.) and chilling at a beach bar. We don’t do this every Sunday but it’s def our favorite thing to do.

Robin & Steven 

How long have you been together?

Steven: We’ve been together for six months. Since the first time I saw Robin we started talking and didn’t stop. (We’re on the phone right now)

What is the weirdest thing about the other?

Steven: Jungle girl has this funny habit that when she goes to sleep she makes a poppin sound with the big toe of her right foot or the small toe of her left foot. We call it “kikkertenen”, what means froggy toes. Kinda weird, since I believe she’s a bird.

Robin: I could think of a whole bunch of crazy things he does, Or mostly says haha. But i’m not sure if I find them weird, mostly really funny or unique, theres only one thing i just cant understand; I think its pretty weird  Steven always wears soooo little clothes in wintertime, even when its freezing cold outside, he still doesn’t want to wear a sweater or a proper wintercoat. We also have this weird habit together, we always text each other or get super excited together when we see double digits on the clock, I’m not really sure what it means, but I just like to believe that we can make a wish or that it brings luck

Photography: Angela Tellier


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