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Remember that time I visited London to Customize a Alexander McQueen sneaker with Farfetch? To refresh your mind; see here! I’ve now teamed up with Farfetch again for a campaign they got going on focussing on ‘Slogan Jumpers’. 

They’ve asked me to style a ‘slogan jumper’ in my own way. So I decided to go for this cropped Heron Preston hoodie which I styled with these Ganni Trackpants with a little see through detail on the side and this bright orange & pink CDG pouch. We also did a little interview about my style and this Slogan jumper I picked for the campaign. See interview and more photos with this outfit below!

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Describe your style in 3 words…

Streetwear, Womenswear, Sneakers. Mixing streetwear with womenswear & high end things with high street things. But always with a sneaker!

What’s your everyday uniform?

I feel most comfortable when wearing dressy sweatpants, I used to be a denim girl but that slightly changed when I discovered you can still look fancy in joggers, haha! I also have a thing for coats and I use my black Off White binder clip bag as my every day bag.

What’s the style vibe in your city?

I think comfort is key in Amsterdam. Also you see that streetwear is getting bigger and bigger now so you see lots of sneakers and streetwear (inspired) pieces.

What are your style tips for wearing a logo knit?

I think it’s a good way to pimp a basic outfit. so you can either use it as your ‘statement piece’ or go all the way (like I did here). Besides that if you wear a logo knit/sweater theres multiple colors in there most of the times which makes it easier to style it in different fits/with different colors.

How important is it to you to keep a sense of humour in dressing?

Very important! I think fashion is a way of highlighting what you stand for. So adding a fun element in your outfit is always a good idea. It could be a conversation starter! Also I don’t think you should take yourself too serious so thats something you can also do with your style. Fashion is fun!

What’s the meaning behind the slogan you’re wearing?

‘A desire to establish as unique and independent’ is something I strongly believe in. I think especially in this online time it’s very important to be authentic and real. Also I am very proud of the fact that I’m independent and unique in what I do. So this slogan might be a gentle reminder to stay grinding.

If you were to design your own slogan sweater/tee what would it say?

I think it would have something to do with ‘girl power’ & ‘empowerment’, I recently did this project in which I designed 10 female empowerment quotes for a event; to name some ’S/O to the nice girls’ and ‘Oh Boy Girly Tomboy Girls’. So these are quotes that I might put on a sweater/tee if I had the chance to.

If your style were a film, what would it be?

The bad thing is that the only films that come to mind are some of my fav comedies; Zoolander & Dumb and Dumber & Coming to America. Not sure if that says something about my style, more about my bad sense of humor I think, haha!

What’s on your Farfetch wishlist?

I always have a huge wishlist on Farfetch! I’ve been keeping an eye out on the ‘Balenciaga Medium Black gold Logo Bazar Shopper’ which is on sale now. I would love to have a bigger bag next to my Off White bag to be able to bring my laptop and to use for my travels as well! Also; a lot of Off White, Heron Preston, Balenciaga, Ganni and some Loewe bags. A girl can dream right?


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