Seagull Selvedge & New Love

BEST FEELING EVER; when you find something on a fleamarket for the best deal. I think this find is the best of the year so far. I’m talking about these brand new Evisu Seagull Selvedge denim. Which I found for 5 euros on kingsday.

I’m really feeling the look and the fit of this denim, something different than my normal jeans. I’m wearing my new cropped tye dye hoodie, Jordan 1 ‘New Love’ and that trusty off-white bag. I’m trying to experiment more with my style lately; so expect to see some more style trials 😉 Whenever theres a new season I always have a mini style crisis because I don’t know what I want to wear for the new season. It takes me a few weeks and some bad buys to figure it out usually. But I’ll get there!

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Photos by Dana Stoc 


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