Red Light

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As the second part of the ‘tourist in you own town’ session we went to THE most  touristic place in Amsterdam. Right; The Red Light District. We walked around looking for some red lights 😉 and bumped into this dirty little alley. With neon(!!!)-lights. (remember my obsession?)

This might be the most awkward shoot ever. Because this dirty little alley was also one of the busiest dirty little alleys around. And some of the guys walking there were scared shitless that they would be in the pictures. Probably because their wifes might find out that they were there..;) And also we had some spectators while shooting these pics. Aaaawkwaaaard as F*ck! But hey, But in the spirit of doing whatever it takes, we did it anyway! And I couldn’t be happier with the result. These shots are one of my new favorites.

Speaking of new favorites: These kicks! *insert heart-eyes-emoticon here* Concepts really outdid themselves on this one! And; I gave them a little Liquiproof treatment to protect them from stains and rain. Because, light colored suede + living in Holland = not a great combo! (yeah my maths is on point)

kicks: Concepts x ASICS Gel Lyte V ‘8-ball’ via No Boys Allowed | jeans: Dr. Denim (here) | shirt: H&M (here) stole  borrowed it from my boyfriend | tee: Monki 

Photos by Jordy den Burger



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