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Wassup Wassup Wassup *queen bee voice* and welcome to this item called ‘Quick 5’. Where I’ll be doing short interviews with people who I just find incredibly cool.

This weeks Quick 5 is with Diana! In the time I’ve been following this girl I’ve seen her gaining a lot of followers and losing a lot of weight. I find it great to follow her journey and ofcourse to see her LA pictures. LA is number one on my travel wishlist atm and Diana is one of my favorite IG girls. So I thought I’d shoot her some questions!


1. Can you tell me something about yourself? 

I am a 26-year-old girl working full time for clothing company Young & Reckless with a strong passion for sneakers and running. I have a bachelors in Apparel Design/Production with a minor in Journalism. I just started my blog last November ’15 and since then have gotten many opportunities to collaborate with companies such as Adidas and women’s fashion fitness boutique Six02. My hobbies include shopping and exploring my city (Los Angeles).

2. How and when did your passion for sneakers start & How did your passion for running start?

My passion for sneakers started in the early 2000s. I remember back in middle school I started noticing sneakers a lot more and would beg my mom and dad to buy me the latest ones. Luckily my feet stopped growing since then, so all my sneakers still fit me. My passion for running started last August 2015. I was really unhappy with the way I looked physically and knew it was time or me to do something about it instead of just complaining. It was really hard at first getting used to it, but with time, I started enjoying it and it became part of my routine. Since then I have lost 30lbs and now I run because I truly enjoy it and it has become a major part of my life.

3. Top 5 sneakers you own

This is a tough question that always gets asked and I never really know how to answer it because I love all my sneakers equally, kind of like a mom with her babies! haha. But if I’d have to pick my top 5 right now, I’d go with Nike Bronzine Huaraches, Jordan 11 “Breds”, Nike Flyknit Racer “Multicolor 1.0”, Adidas Ultra Boost, Nike Flyknit Prestos.

4. Top 5 sneakers you’re still hunting for

1.Nike Flyknit Racer in Pink/Orange

2.Nike Flyknit Racer in Grey/Black

3.Nike Air Max Plum Satin (didn’t pull the trigger last week when my size was still available, now they’re sold out)

4.Jordan Shadow 1s

5.Jordan Royal Blue 1s

5. Can you give me some LA tips? (hotspots, sneakerstores things to do etc)

There are a wide variety of things to do in LA. Anything from shopping, to hiking, hitting the beach, museums, or exploring local street art in Downtown LA. Some of the hotspots would be Santa Monica Beach, Downtown LA, shops down Fairfax Ave and Melrose Ave, and LACMA museum where you can find the lights installation out in front. I usually do all my sneaker shopping either online at Nike.com or if I’m on a serious hunt and don’t mind paying over retail, I hit up ebay.com. Local sneaker stores around LA are (of course) Nike, Adidas, Bait on Melrose Ave, Blends in Beverly Hills, Shoe Palace (various locations throughout LA) and a ton of consignment stores such as Flight Club on Fairfax Ave and Round Two on Melrose Ave.










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