Outfit & 10 Random facts about me

I think it’s time for a ’10 random facts about me post’ since the previous ’10 things you didn’t know about me’ post was a big succes and it’s been over a year since that one.

So here we go:

  1. I suck at making decisions. From deciding what to eat, to deciding what to wear. I just am not good at it… very annoying!
  2. I’m a huge fan of flowers & plants! I have a shitload of plants in my home & always try to have fresh flowers. Also I really enjoy walks in the nature at places such as the beach or the woods.
  3. I go the the movies at least 3 times a month. We have a Pathe unlimited card which allows us to go to the movies unlimited.
  4. Some of the series I’m following at the moment are; Game of Thrones, Insecure, Power, Queen of the South en Being Mary Jane.
  5. I really want to do videos for ‘Girl on Kicks’ but I’m so scared to talk on camera, haha! Hopefully I will overcome my fear soon though! maybe the next top 10 will be on video instead of written.
  6. Another thing I really like is interior design/styling. I’m always working on little things in our appartment! And my pinterest is loaded with interior inspo pics.
  7. I talk in my sleep and I answer to questions as well, very weird!
  8. On top of my travel bucket list is Tokyo (also high on that list; LA, Portland, Indonesia, Greece and The Amalfi coast in Italy)
  9. I’m supertall; 1,88 m (almost 6.2)
  10. I hate it when people eat noisily. I know that it’s normal in some cultures with it just annoys the hell out of me and it makes me lose my appetite.

Special thanks to The Student Hotel for letting us shoot here! 

Photos by Dana Stoc

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