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Let’s get into some insta talk. I just opened my IG app on my phone and noticed that I reached 29K followers! And I would be lying if I would say that this doesn’t make me wan’t to do a little happy dance. Social Media is so important nowadays.. I mean It’s part of my income! But I really appreciate every follower I have on Social Media.. I appreciate the support, I appreciate the likes, the comments and the messages. Social media makes it so much easier to connect with people and I always try to answer every question/message. It always humbles me to hear that people find what I do inspiring. For me this is still my passion! And being able to turn that passion into my job is still very unreal sometimes. It made me stronger, taught me my strengths and weaknesses and I learned about what I want and don’t want in life. And I’m still not where I want to be because theres so much more to learn. Especially business wise for me! Because when working from a passion it can get too personal sometimes and that will not always help when it comes to business. Getting confirmation from my followers/visitors is something I need. Because I’m still the same insecure person as I was 2 years ago… only a bit stronger, way happier & with more sneakers!

And since these Offspring x Saucony kicks were so insanely popular on my IG (posted 2 photos of them 1 got 3600 likes and the other one 2600 likes). I thought it would be nice to shoot a few on foot pictures with these! The Orange & Bronze work so well together and I love the quality of this pair. Leather lining, very pretty detailing & a great fit!

Offspring x Saucony ‘Medal Pack’ (get them here)

Photos by Vin van Kleef

Offspring x Saucony Medal PackOffspring x Saucony Medal PackOffspring x Saucony Medal Pack

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