NYC Recap & Hotspots | Part 2

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I got back from NYC and I still have loads of New York content to share with you guys! Let me start with this recap & hotspots list. I will split it up in 2 parts (see part 1 HERE) as it’s way too much for one post. And then I’ve split it up in days as well. I already posted some photos on my Instagram but I had so much more images to share that I decided to do it in a recap way 🙂

Let me do a little introduction about my trip first; It was both a business & fun trip. Planned some meetings, some shoots and some food dates with NYC based friends. And also spend some time with my mister and his family because they were there to for his 30th birthday. One of my favorite things to do to prepare for a trip is to make a list of places I want to visit; (sneaker-)stores, coffee spots, lunch spots, areas I want to visit, dinner spots, museums etc. Yes I do my research! I favorite all these spots in my google maps and then put that map offline so I can also use it when I don’t have data. Tip Tip Tip!


Day 4

I started my day early with my mister and his fam at the Brooklyn Flea market; on of my fav places to visit when in NYC. Then I kissed them goodbye as they were leaving back to Amsterdam. Ofcourse I had to get myself a doughnut at Dough again. Then had a little sunny stroll from union square to China town (stopped by the Aime Leon Dore store and Opening Ceremony store in between) as I was meeting up with Tiffany to eat/drink and shoot! It was so damn warm that day so we took it easy did some shooting (see result here) and had bubbletea. Tiffany brought me to this awesome jeweler named Janes New Top Jewelry in Soho where I treated myself to a gold big pimpin’ pinkie ring with the text ‘girl’ on it (see photo here). After that I stayed in Chinatown cause I had a date with Leo and Marylin to go eat at their favorite Chinese restaurant in town called Joe’s Shanghai. And OMG the soup dumplings there are the best dumplings I ever had (shot some outfit pics of the cutey Marylin). We grabbed some dessert (cookie sandwich and donuts) on the go but I forgot the name of the place before we headed to a cool adidas NMD event in Brooklyn.

wearing – Weekday pants, Supreme tee, Nike air max 97 silver bullet, Super sunglasses

Day 5

Sunday; Met up with my girl Kenya in DUMBO at the Brooklyn flea did some shopping, had coffee and had a icecream sandwich at the Brooklyn icecream factory. Then we walked the Brooklyn bridge to SOHO and had late lunch/dinner at this awesome vegan place called ByChloe (ordered pretty much everything on the menu, haha). Then we visited the Nike x Kaws basketball court (of course I had to take a photo there). After that we went back to Brooklyn for a carrotcake donut at Doughnut Planet. Perfect Sunday with this amazing babe!

wearing – Champion hoodie, Forgot the brand of the skirt, adidas NMD CS1 

Day 6

Not that many photos of this day because there will be separate posts on this; This Monday I met up to hang/shoot with one of my favorite photographers out there; Vanessa Granda aka @ohmynessa. We used Bushwick, Brooklyn as our playground and had so much fun shooting this upcoming editorial for the blog.

keep an eye out on the blog for the result!

Day 7

My last day in NYC and I felt so sad. I only had the morning so I just walked around SOHO for a bit. Had a Cronut at Dominique Ansel Bakery (OMG SO GOOD). Visited the Stussy store and the Bape store as I felt the need to do some shopping (didn’t get anything though, haha). Then went to Sweet Green to get a big ass kale caesar salad, because you never if the airplane food will be good. Also went to Eggslut; you know that famous hotspot from LA? well they recently opened their first NYC restaurant. Then a quick visit to see Times Square before I had to head to the airport. To be totally honest; I’ve cried my eyes out on my way to the airport as I really wasn’t ready to leave. But I’ll be back soon, that’s for sure!

See that pretty babe on the last photo? That’s my girl Dollie; the girl who was kind enough to let me crash at her place. #love

And that Pink Away x Pop and Suki suitcase is LIFE!

wearing – a boring cozy airplane outfit 



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