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I have to admit that I sometimes have the feeling that posting blogposts on this space is not needed as I feel no one is checking blogs still nowadays. It’s all about fast content; social media, just scrolling/not liking. Did you know the average person’s attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to less than 5 seconds today – which is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. But I still feel that a blog/website/platform is a great place to post content on. I really enjoy still getting to create a special edit, writing a little text and see a full post of photos and content. Do yo still check blogs? And if so; what do you like best?

I check blogs/online magazines like Hypebae, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Sneakernews etc. on a daily base still. But theres not a lot of ‘bloggers’ who still do posts on their website. I try to keep it up eventhough I see that the amount of visitors has significantly dropped over the last year & I feel thats not to blame on the content I produce but mainly on the change of view people have on looking at content. Where brands back in the days often bought in on a blogpost as well it’s now mostly Instagram posts and Instagram stories. A thought that always crosses my mind is; What if Instagram is going to lose popularity or stops at one point? What do all these IG models with hundreds of thousands of followers have then? They’ll be out of work!

So to make a long story short; there will still be posts like this one on maybe not as often as it used to be. But I’m working on some new plans for Girl on Kicks which excite me SO MUCH!

Another thing that excites me; These new Nike air max Deluxe. It doesn’t happen very often that a womens colorway is actually better than the mens. So big up Nike for this pair! Keep up the good work.

this outfit features some of my favorite items at the moment. This Heron Preston cropped hoodie is the perfect thing for this transition weather & these high waisted Balenciaga trousers make every outfit look chic AF! Shop similar items by clicking the images below.

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  • Please dont stop posting on this blog. I just found it even tho I’ve been following you for years now on IG.
    I love the relax vibe of the blogs nowadays. I guess it is cause of the lack of pressure people put into blogging these days… transformation it is a nice thing. Whatever you do, I will follow it anyway hahaha


  • You’re right, looking at a static website is not as appealing to some, but I still do it. I may not comment or come here everyday, but I still check in every now and again. Maybe you should consider embedding your vids into your blog now that you’re doing them more often. I think there are more upsides to keeping it then not. The most important one is this is your own “real estate” so to speak. Keep up the great work Sanne, I love your content! *big cyber hug*

  • I absolutely agree with you on this! I still like to read blogposts – but I have to admit its like reading a newspaper which is pretty ancient .. Haha I love being oldfashioned I guess!

    Maar uh — Keep up the good work! Ik vind het puur genot om je foto’s te kijken en je blogs te lezen 🙂

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