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Photos by Debbie

Do you remember that Nike air Jordan hype that was happening (in Holland) last year? Seeing Jordans on every street corner, 13 year old children not even realizing they are wearing Nike’s, randomly buying every single shoe that had a jumpman on it. Ok, I don’t wanna sound like a sneakersnob. But I think I’m not speaking only for myself when I say that that hype killed the magic for a lot of Jordan lovers.

But hey, on a more positive note: I think it’s save to say that that hype is over now. So we can all dig up our beloved Jordans again! That’s what I did with these Lakers 6’s.. And with the upcoming release of the Carmine 6 & many more dope releases, I think we Jordan lovers need to give our kicks some fresh air again!

kicks: Nike air Jordan 6 Lakers | bomber: WeSC capsule collection F/W2014 | tee: Monki | jeans: Lee Jeans 


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