Concrete #3: Yellow

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Photos by Chris Wormhoudt

Shooting in the dark. Something different for this third one in the Concrete series (see #1 & #2) I’m shooting together with Chris. I’ve been wanting to do an evening shoot for quite some time now, but some serious skills are needed for this. This covered location was actually a good pick with the bad weather last weekend.

And yes, I’m back on my Jordan game lately. My Jordans have been collecting dust in their boxes the past year when the Jordan hype was happening. I even sold most of my Jordans, some of them I regret selling now. But I’m happy I kept a few of my favorites. And these ‘New Loves’ are def here to stay. I bought this Jordan 1 Old love/New love pack 5 years ago at Footpatrol when I was visiting my best friend in London. She was living there for a year and my friend and I visited her a few times. So wearing these always takes me back to the good times we had during our crazy road trips to this beautiful city. This was actually the last time I visited London. And I really want to go back there soon!

Tell me.. Do you guys have a pair which brings back good memories like mine do? Let me know in the comment section below!

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