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What do you know about challenging yourself to shoot at one of the most typical touristic places in Amsterdam? We know all about it! Amsterdam has been my home for over 6 years already and I love every single bit of this busy but oh so cozy city. So acting like a tourist in your own city is one the best things to do. Because you’ll discover new places and see things you normally wouldn’t see while rushing through the city on your way to work. Anyways.. shooting here was a real struggle because of all the ‘real tourists’ walking in front of the camera and I’m afraid my face will be on a lot of random Amsterdam pictures on Facebook.

And yes, that’s a pink beanie (the same one as the grey maxi beanie red.). I think it’s save to say that this is one of the few if not the only pink item in my closet. I love how the colors in these pics come together really well. From the pink doors to the red lanterns and the red Chinese New Year fireworks leftovers.

Can’t wait to show you the other outfit we shot that day. Can you guess which typical amsterdam tourist location we used for that one?

kicks: Adidas Superstar 80’s Deluxe (get them here) | beanie: H&M | bomber: H&M (get it here) | sweater: (on sale now!) Rika | jeans: Dr. Denim here

Photos by Jordy den Burger

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