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Photos by Romarique 

Beanie, big beanie, huuuuge beanie. Ever since this beanie came in with the post it’s been glued to my head. That also had a little bit to do with the fact that I put it on my head when my hair was still wet, so I couldn’t possibly take it off, because trust me that hairdo ain’t pretty!

My new headwear was the joke of the evening last week. My mister grabbed every opportunity to make a joke about how big it is. Like holding 2 doors open instead of one because otherwise ‘my beanie wouldn’t fit through the door’, tapping me on the head asking; ‘did you feel that?!’ and so on! He’s one funny guy that boyfriend of mine. (who’s wearing one of those beanies that doesn’t even cover his ears. ahum.. Hipster.. ahum)

Now that it’s already dark at 5 o’clock and with me being super busy, this thing we’re trying to do every now and then is shooting pictures before we get to work.. But the side effect of this is that I still have my sleepy face on since I’m not that much of an earlybird.

kicks: Nike air Jordan 1 mid ‘white’ | coat: H&M trend (last year) | sweater: H&M | jeans: Levi’s vintage | beanie: H&M 

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