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RetroSuperFuture RetroSuperFuture RetroSuperFuture

Kid Cudi was wearing mirrored black sunnies, and I fell in love

For me it all started with that one music video. Kid Cudi was wearing mirrored black sunnies, and I fell in love (with those sunnies that is). Only to find out a few years later that that particular pair of sunglasses was by Retro Super Future. My Boyfriend already was a big fan of this brand and we spend pretty much an entire day in NYC looking for those sunnies. Without succes though. But when we got back home I found out that a store just 3 streets away from our home was selling this brand and I bought my mister his beloved sunnies for his birthday. A few months later I bought myself a pair as well; The perfect big black sunnies. And all these pretty sunnies are handmade in Italy. Quality on point!

And at the moment I’m eyeing on a second pair. My favorites are the Ciccio and the Gals and I would like some tortoise sunnies next to my basic black pair. The first one on the left or the last one on the right are the ones I have my eye on! Haha, bad word joke!

www.RetroSuperFuture.com (psssst… they have free global shipping!)

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