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Nike air Presto Breathe QS Nike air Presto Breathe QS Nike air Presto Breathe QS Nike air Presto Breathe QS


It’s my birthday on monday and like I told you in a previous post. Theres a truckload of new kicks I still have to show you.. So as we’re approaching my birthday how about a little countdown? In the next 5 days I will be showing the crazy amount of new sneakers that came in. Make sure you check out the site every day to stay up to date! 

Nike air Presto Breathe QS

After ‘the Evo’, ‘the Old’ and ‘the White’, next up is this super ‘fresh’ pair of Prestos. Not only fresh because of the colorway and the shape (because this is something different and I totally understand if you say this is not your cup of tea). But this is the ‘breathe’ version so these should be the perfect comfy summer shoe. I missed them during the release a few weeks ago because I had to work and couldn’t pick them up. When I went looking for them on monday they were sold out everywhere, so I kinda gave up. But then, a few days later, I got superrrr lucky and found them at No Boys Allowed.. the last one in my size! I’d like to think this was meant to be, so I copped!

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