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ASICS Gel Kayano EVO ASICS Gel Kayano EVO ASICS Gel Kayano EVO


It’s my birthday on monday and like I told you in a previous post. Theres a truckload of new kicks I still have to show you.. So as we’re approaching my birthday how about a little countdown? In the next 5 days I will be showing the crazy amount of new sneakers that came in. Make sure you check out the site every day to stay up to date! 

First up; The ASICS Gel Kayano EVO

ASICS released this new style last friday. This familiar Kayano silhouette got a sleek one-piece mesh upper. Perfect for summer and the ‘grape-ish’ colorway is one I really like! The regular Kayano is not my favorite style to be honest but this remastered version somehow works better for me.

One of the perks of having a shared creative office is that it’s full of props I can use for my photos. Like this wooden plank which is normally used by Roxanne aka Roxness for her art pieces. And the concrete floors at the office photograph great as well. (I used it for the pictures of my Pumas) I’m trying to step up my own photography game a little, since I love experimenting with my awesome camera!

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