10 Tips on how to start your sneaker collection

So it’s been a while since my last ‘top 10’ post. I came up with the idea to do a ‘how to start your sneaker collection’ post a couple of months ago because I always get a lot of questions from people who are not sneakerheads (yet) on what sneakers to buy, where to buy them and where to start in general. So I thought I’d make it a top 10 tips on starting your own sneaker collection. Here we go:

  • Start with something simple – So if you don’t have sneakers yet; which I really can’t imagine.. But hey; that happens. Start your sneaker collection with something basic. A black/white/grey pair, nothing crazy because you probably first have to get used to the look of sneakers on your feet which is easier if it’s not the brightest bulkiest pair. From there on you can start building your collection. If you have the basics you can start going a bit crazier and go for some statement sneakers.
  • Do your research – Before you randomly start buying sneakers; do your research. Know where you can buy the sneakers you want, maybe a bit of a background story on them and since theres a lot of releases on a weekly base, check websites like Sneakernews and The Drop Date to stay up to date.
  • Use social media – The easiest way to get inspired/stay up to date is to follow your favorite sneaker stores on social media.. for example Instagram or Facebook (Twitter is also good for Nike release updates). With the messed up algorithm it’s not as easy as it used to be but you can turn on post notifications from your favorite accounts so you will be notified when they post something.
  • Stay true to your own style – It’s very easy to just follow the hype. But don’t buy a certain shoe because everyone is wearing it or because it’s super exclusive and hard to get. Wear what you like & create your own style. Also don’t be afraid to wear something a bit crazy.
  • Know the sizing – Each brand has different sizing. Nike for examples fits smaller than PUMA and Reebok fits quite big. So check your sizing.. also make sure you don’t mistake UK sizing for US sizing. US womens sizing and mens sizing can be quite confusing to. All size guides are to be found on zhe world wide web!
  • Clean your shoes – We’ve all seen these people who have their outfits on point and then wear completely worn down sneakers. You don’t want to be that person! Make sure your sneakers are fresh and clean. Get yourself a Jason Markk or Crep Protect cleaning kit (also Sneakers ER is a really good one!) and clean your kicks every now and then!
  • Check the weather forecast – Talking about cleaning your shoes; a lot of people ask me about how I keep my sneakers clean. The answer is very easy; check the weather forecast.. if it says rain; don’t wear white or new sneakers. Have a pair of beaters which you can wear with bad weather and keep your fresh new and light colored shoes for the good weather days. But we all know that weather can be unpredictable (especially when living in Amsterdam). So what to do when you accidentally end up wearing your good pairs in the rain; see next tip!
  • Always carry a quickwipe – When that bird poops on your shoe (thats good luck tho), when that person in public transport steps on your sneaker, when you graze a stoop.. Take care of it right away and bring a quick wipe in ur bag/wallet/coat/whatever (it’s like the condom in your wallet for sneakerheads, haha). Both Jason Markk & Crep Protect do great quickwipes but this could also be a simple baby wipe.
  • Stay inspired – to make sure you stay inspired heres some quick tips on where to find inspiration; Check Hypebeast, Hypebae, Highsnobiety etc for daily updates on trends/streetstyle/sneakers and all. Also follow some blogs/brands and stylish persons.
  • Ask me for help – If all else fails just message me and ask for advice. I can’t promiss you that I reply within an hour but I always try to reply all emails and messages!


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  • hi! really loved this post.

    i’m born and raised in the bay area and have been a sneakerhead for over a decade now. most of the shoes i initially started buying were retro jordans, with a couple nike dunk sb, & air max’s. i’ve recently held back on jordans a lot and have branched out to pumas, adidas, & still am really into air max’s. my sneakers make me so happy & i love my collection.

    but what i’m realizing is that i don’t document that via my social media. i have no really nice pictures of my shoes. and that is what i do not know how to start. any tips?

  • Hey! Thanks for the great post. For someone who likes to go to the gym before and after work, I always carried my sneakers around with me. Do you wear the snake sneakers when you work out or do you have separate sneakers for the gym even though you wear them on a daily basis? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, I was just curious. I personally would love to wear the same so I don’t have to carry around extra pairs..

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