10 facts about my Sneakercollection

I thought it would be nice to share a little list of facts with you every now and then. So you will get to know me (and my weird habits) a bit better. So heres a little list of facts about my Sneakercollection! The photo below is a part of my sneakercollection. I know, the light in our ‘sneaker-room’ aka hallway is horrible. Sorry!



  1. I started ‘collecting’ when I was about 16 years old – (I’m 27 now) In the beginning I wore Dunk’s, Court forces and Nike SB’s. My very first pair of ‘exclusive’ sneakers was the Nike Air Max 1 ‘Beastpack’. Which I ordered from the US. My parents thought I was crazy but I just had to have them!
  2. I used to wear Nike only – During my studies I worked part-time at Nike Amsterdam. So obviously I bought a lot of kicks there during that period and the only thing I was wearing was Nike. So the only brand I was focussed on was Nike. My appreciation for other brands such as Asics, Adidas, Puma, Reebok etc came back around 2 years ago when I started my blog and didn’t want to wear just one brand.
  3. I’m a size 6,5 US – which is a UK 5,5 a US womens 8 and a EU 39! I’m pretty tall (1,88m, 6.2 feet) so my feet are relatively small for my length. The mister says that’s the reason why I’m so clumsy. But in my closet you’ll find size 6 till 7,5. Cause hey.. If you want a sneaker and theres no 6,5 anymore, I’ll just buy 1 size up (insoles or thick socks) or 1 size down (just walk until you can’t feel your toes anymore, you’ll be fine). Also, when shoes look really small on feet I tend to buy a size up to make them look a bit bigger, haha!
  4. I don’t store them in their boxes – I wish I could tho! I live in a small Amsterdam appartment together with the mister, who also has ALOT of sneakers. So theres no space to store them with the boxes. So we store the boxes in our attic and our sneakers on shelving units in our hallway.
  5. I’m doing a sneakercleaning session every month – Jason Markk is my BFF! Once every month or so I just gather some sneakers I’ve worn in that period and do a little cleaning session. But I’m one of those persons that whenever I’m starting cleaning I just can’t stop.. so I pretty much end up cleaning way more shoes than planned.
  6. I don’t have any New Balance in my closet – Don’t ask me why! Cause there are plenty of New Balance styles I like. It’s a mystery! I would love love looooove to have the Concepts x New Balance 997 ‘Luxury Goods’. Maybe 1 day.
  7. I check the weather app on my Iphone first, before I decide what shoes to wear – When people ask me how I keep my sneakers clean. Just check your weather forecast app on your phone. If it’s raining don’t wear your pretty new kicks. Or bring a beater back up pair just in case. This is easiest way to keep your sneakers clean, haha!
  8. I don’t spend more than €200,- on 1 pair – €200,- is my max. And if a pair of sneakers costs €200,- it has to be one of my grails or a reallllly special pair. I’d rather wait a few more years and find them for a good price via via or on ebay than pay a very big amount of money for them. (exactly how I got my homegrowns, Hold tights etc.) Patience is key, haha!
  9. Somehow I’m always very lucky when it comes to finding steals – Some of my favorite pairs I got for a really really ridiculously good price! (Zoolander reference, sorry not sorry). I don’t know why.. I wish I could share my secret with you guys but I can’t, haha! Just be patient I guess!
  10. I don’t have just one grail – The standard sneakerhead question; What is your holy grail. Well.. I actually found one of my grails recently! The ‘Hold Tight’ air max 1’s. And theres a bunch of other sneakers that I want so bad! For example the Air Force 180 ‘union’ and the Air max 1 ‘Animal’ maybe I should do a top 10 grails list next.

I would love to hear some facts from you as well and learn some more about your sneakerhabbits. So leave me some facts in the comments!

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